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En'Novation is a highly talented Richmond based band available for weddings, parties, corporate events, festivals and premier night clubs. 

En'Novation is made up of extremely well-seasoned singers and musicians that have decades of combined experience performing on the biggest stages of the eastern United States.

En'Novation consists of five highly accomplished front people, James "Petey" Taylor, Levie Faison, Nashana Tate, Ashly Chante Gaulden and Raye Smith who in tandem, perform hit after hit with stunningly smooth vocals, pitch perfect harmonies, and a high charismatic stage presence. 

Laying down the grove is the En'Novation rhythm section: bassist/vocalist extraordinaire Sugar Raye Smith, and world-class drummer Benjamin Miles. 

En'Novation's keyboard maestro is Donnie Arterbery. His uncanny ability to program and play multiple styles elevates the band's unparalleled sound and provides the authenticity of the original hit songs the band performs. 

Guitarist/vocalist Shaun Lyda adds his tight vocal harmonies and stunning guitar to round out the massive En'Novation sound.

Howard Smith adds the final touch, playing smooth tenor, alto and soprano saxes, working the crowd and blending with Petey on trombone.

This band is THE perfect fit for any festival, wedding, corporate event, or engagement that is looking for first-rate entertainment at an affordable price. 

Contact En'Novation NOW for your next event and prepare to be amazed!



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