They were fabulous! Our auction chair apologized for not networking that much because she was up and dancing all night! People really enjoyed them. Thank you for setting us up with them!

Hi James.

Just wanted to pass on to you and your amazing band our heartfelt thanks and appreciation.  You were such a big and important part of Suzy and Clayton's wedding celebration.  Not only are you amazing group of musicians and singers, but your ability to connect to those of us in attendance was extraordinary.  You performed each song as if you were doing it for the first time.  Your love for your craft and the pride you take in each song was on full display.  

So many performers seem to just go through the motions.  You did NOT!  The fact that you enjoyed yourselves enhanced our joy.  I can now appreciate why Suzy is one of your biggest fans.
Please share this email with other members of your group, and certainly do not hesitate to share my comments in any form with anyone else.  You are the absolute best!!!  And as someone who grew up with Motown, love your moves :)

Thanks again, 
Rich Bucher

"Father of the Bride"