En’novation’s Contract Rider  

Thank you for business and your patronage with En’novation. We hope to deliver the most memorable event.  We have specific requirements and request that will help ensure the most successful event we can offer.  Please provide this information well in advance of the event with your facility coordinator and/or event planner.
James E. Taylor _______________________Presenter:_________________________
To Insure an Uninterrupted performance due to power loss, provide a 220 volt, 50 amp, female, (residential electric range style) grounded or non-grounded receptacle. Almost without exception all buildings have 220 volt power available. All that is required is the proper electrical connection.
En’novation is a visually entertaining band, so we suggest that a stage/riser to be provide so that there is an unobstructed view for all of your guests. Please provide a stage riser/area, of appromatly12’ X 24′.  The dance floor should be located directly in front of the stage. Guest tables should be located at least ten feet from the front corners of the band stage to allow space for PA speakers, lights etc. If tables must be located near the band stage/speakers we recommend younger guests be seated in this area, as they are generally more tolerant to the close proximity of the band.
In order to provide the best sound quality possible we request that our sound engineer be located; out front, across from the band, and as close to the dance floor as space will allow. A second choice of location would be against a back wall across from the band or against a sidewall.
Private dressing rooms to accommodate a total of eight (8) persons must be provided. It should be located as close to the event as possible. The dressing room must be stocked at load-in time with ice, water, soft drinks and cups. En’novation requests a hot meal for 8 persons prior to performance time or on band breaks if necessary.  Subs or deli trays with condiments and bread are acceptable if hot food cannot be provided.

OUTDOOR EVENT RIDER: (when applicable)

This rider is to provide information to the Presenter about the risks and potential problems of an outdoor event
including inclement weather, sun, unsafe conditions, etc. for both the performers and guests.



  1. James E. Taylor (Leader/owner) has the right to refuse to perform or stop the performance due to weather
    or “Acts of God”, etc. En’novation will not perform on wet, damp surfaces or under conditions that poses a safety
    threat to musicians, crew and guests or En’novation equipment. For health reasons En’novation will not be obligated to
    perform in an outdoor environment where the temperature is less than 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
    The full amount contracted is due to En’novation upon demand.
  2. Should your event take place outdoors, this portion of the “Contract Rider” must be provided to your
    venue contact well in advance of the performance date.
  3. The entire stage shall be covered and a second cover shall be provided for the mix position for
    protection from both inclement weather and shade from the sun.
  4. Upon arrival of the En’novation road crew/equipment, the Presenter will determine where En’novation should set
    up their equipment. Should conditions change and become unacceptable, due to weather, after En’novation has begun to set up, the Presenter is obligated to pay En’novation upon demand. En’novation will not begin to set up more than once, as they are not obligated to set up a second time.
  5. Should the Presenter decide to use an alternate indoor location in anticipation of inclement weather and
    the inclement weather conditions fail to materialize, En’novation is not obligated to set up their equipment a second
    time. En’novation will perform at the Presenter’s indoor location and will be paid in full upon demand.
  6. Should our equipment truck not have direct and close access to the stage area or if stairs are involved
    with the load-in/load-out, it is the client’s responsibility to notify James E. Taylor (Leader/owner) at least 7 days
    prior to the event to work out logistics. If direct access is not provided, we may require the venue to assist in
    unloading and moving equipment, particularly during inclement weather. This is done both for the safety of personnel and equipment. Please contact James E. Taylor (Leader/owner) at least two weeks prior to your engagement if you or your venue has any questions or concerns. We attempt to be as flexible as possible.